The 1990s dElia*s catalogs were like a window into my heart and soul.

Who We’ll Be After This

I realize I need to show up as a Latina, because otherwise we all miss out

Photo: Morsa Images / Getty Images

Forcing a smile and putting your hands out can calm you down. And there’s science to support that.

Photo: Paper Boat Creative/Getty Images

Kobe Bryant’s death has raised difficult questions about how we express grief for imperfect people — that is, all of us

A Los Angeles Lakers fan, Victor, mourns the death of retired NBA star Kobe Bryant. Photo: Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Thirty years ago this month, the only Beach Boy who could actually surf took one last, desperate dive in search of his past.

Luisa Colón

Luisa Colón is a Brooklyn based writer (WAKING UP IN GRAVESEND) and artist. Recent work is available at; Insta @suchthingsido.

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